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SteveN Stein

Mr. Stein has directed the preparation of power supply planning, financial, and rate-related studies for individual electric utilities, joint action agencies, industrial clients, and other large energy consumers. Throughout his more than 40 year career in the utility industry, he has helped clients identify, evaluate, procure, finance, and implement numerous power supply alternatives. He also has represented clients in contract evaluations and negotiations to help achieve the most economical and reliable energy supply. Mr. Stein has presented testimony before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as well as a number of state public service commissions, local district courts, and other regulatory bodies.

Mr. Stein also assisted clients with strategic power supply, transmission policy and related regulatory issues that affect capacity and energy markets, including those established by various Regional Transmission Organizations, utilities’ joint formation, and joint power supply acquisitions. He has also been involved with location-based market price forecasting, enterprise risk management, portfolio resource analysis, generation dispatch and control area operational strategies, power pools, transmission ownership opportunities and energy resource acquisitions in the increasingly competitive utility environment. These services have been provided in numerous market regions throughout the United States, including Entergy, FRCC, PJM, MISO, SPP, and SERC and in Africa.

Mr. Stein has conducted evaluations on most generation technologies including nuclear, coal, oil, combined and simple cycle, co-generation, renewables and demand side resources.

Prior to joining nFront Consulting, he was an Assistant Vice President with SAIC, and an owner with R. W. Beck, Inc. where he was employed for over 30 years. Prior to joining R. W. Beck, Mr. Stein was employed in the generation and transmission planning area for a large utility in the Florida. During this time, he participated in state and regional studies that addressed joint power pooling opportunities and transmission planning and reliability studies.

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