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Tom Washburn

During his over 40 years of experience, Tom Washburn provided a diverse set of services to Orlando Utilities Commission and the Florida Municipal Power Pool. As Vice President of the Transmission Unit at Orlando Utilities Commission, he was responsible for the planning, regulatory permitting, construction and operation of over 300 miles high voltage transmission lines, over 30 high voltage substations, and the 24-by-7 system operations of the transmission and generation system. As the Chief Information Officer at Orlando Utilities Commission, Washburn was responsible for all of the Information Technology including microcomputer support, computer applications, computer hardware, telecommunication and the fiber optics data communications. In other management roles at Orlando Utilities Commission, he was responsible for financial planning, load forecasting, rate design, wholesale marketing, and generation planning.

Tom Washburn helped form the Florida Municipal Power Pool, which started operation in July 1988. As the first Executive Director of the Florida Municipal Power Pool, from June 2006 to June 2014, Washburn was responsible for the reliable, economic operation of more than 4,500 megawatts of generation serving 20 municipal utilities in Florida, compliance with the North America Reliability Corporation Reliability Standards, and overseeing the clearinghouse price process for the Pool. Since June 2014 Tom Washburn has been an Executive Consultant for nFront.

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