John F. Painter
Frank Gaffney Bio

For more than 30 years, Mr. Gaffney served many clients and members, providing services including power systems engineering, transmission planning, transmission access, market analyses, congestion assessments, operations and strategic management, contract negotiations, project development, NERC and NAESB standards, due diligence and expert witness. Mr. Gaffney is an innovative, dynamic leader, consistently successful in envisioning and executing strategic change through collaboration. As Chief Operating Officer for an electric utility, and as National Director for a highly regarded consulting firm, he managed highly successful operations, with a generating fleet performing well above industry average in reliability and efficiency, and highly profitable and reputable consulting practices. He also successfully launched new services / projects for the businesses he served while building partnerships with key business decision makers. Throughout Mr. Gaffney’s career, he was recognized for his high integrity, leadership, insights, strategic thinking, communication skills, well-rounded knowledge and expertise, and creativity. Mr. Gaffney has a broad view of the industry having worked in multiple electric utility industry segments in various roles, spending about a decade in each of three companies before joining nFront. At FMPA, a municipally owned electric utility, as Chief Operating Officer and Regulatory Compliance Officer. At R. W. Beck, as Owner, Director of Transmission Market Services, Vice President Sales, National Director of Operations, and Director of T&D Engineering. And at Boston Edison, an Investor Owned Utility, as Transmission Planning Manager, Distribution Planning Manager, and various engineering positions.