We Help Our Clients Stay in Front of Their Challenges: The nFront Founding Mission

At nFront, we take immense pride in our work. We help our clients overcome and stay in front
of the electric power industry’s complex challenges.

Who We Are: We Stay In Front To Help Keep Our Clients in Front

nFront is a dedicated, diverse team of electric power industry experts. We thrive by combining our analytical and conceptual strengths and varied backgrounds. We work together to provide in-depth analysis and insightful solutions for consideration by our clients.

By attracting and retaining the best talent, nFront has built a team that is equipped to make a positive impact on your organization’s success. We use our collective expertise to help our clients succeed and earn their trust. From the beginning, our virtual model was designed considering our corporate responsibility to sustainable work practices, as well as our responsibility to our team and our clients.

Mission and Vision

Help our electric power industry clients stay in front of their most important issues and challenges.

Be the “gold standard” advisor to our electric industry clients by offering robust and creative solutions and empowering people to reach their full potential.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Providing thorough, straightforward, and independent insight.
  • Esprit de corps: Enthusiasm and honor for our clients and each other.
  • Collaborative Leadership: Thriving by creating together.
  • Performance: Results-oriented, dedicated, and balanced work ethic.
  • Evolutionary: Nimbly embracing change.
  • Inclusive & Diverse: Embracing myriad perspectives sparks innovation.

Our Team

Our team members embody our values. Thanks in part to our sustainability-driven remote work structure, we consistently bring together the best and brightest. Together, we apply industry-leading analytics and insights to help clients across the continent and beyond stay ahead of industry trends and challenges.

Our experience and diverse backgrounds provide our clients with creative and pragmatic guidance and advice. We take pride in our work and the culture we’ve cultivated.

Our History

In deciding to launch a new consulting firm, John Painter sought advice from his mentor at a prior consulting firm. During multiple meetings, the advice John repeatedly received was something to the effect of, “the new company needs to help clients stay in front of their most important challenges…help them stay in front of the issues that matter most to them, the issues that keep them up at night. If you accomplish that for clients, the firm will be highly sought after.” John knew that to accomplish this required association only with others that shared values of honesty, integrity, and performance—others that would do their best for their client, and he set out on a path of teaming with other leaders who together brought nFront to life.

The company was named nFront Consulting to remind us of that advice.

“I cannot emphasize enough that nFront is the product of incredible teamwork. And, if that remains a hallmark of the firm in the future, the future will indeed be bright.”

– John Painter, Key Founder

– John Painter, CEO & Key Founder

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