Due Diligence & Financing Support

Independent Transmission Consulting

With a high market share in this space, nFront is a leading independent transmission consultant supporting tax equity and project finance of power system projects, focused on solar, wind and battery storage resources. We have achieved this position through uncompromising and thorough review of transmission related risks such as basis, curtailment, and negative price risks from our nodal/SCED analyses, coupled with insightful review of contractual arrangements (e.g., offtake, interconnection, transmission service). Our strong knowledge of market rules and tariffs allows us to also identify other key risks such as cost and schedule risk due to transmission upgrades and wheeling costs.

Revenue Bond Financing Support

Major power projects developed by municipal and state-owned electric utilities are most often funded as part of a revenue bond issuance supporting the utility’s system with revenue pledged to the bonds. nFront is intimately familiar with the process, providing consulting reports supporting revenue bond financing. We also develop periodic consulting reports as required by bond resolutions confirming the health of the utility.

Asset Valuation

The value of an asset can be assessed through several means. Our strong analytical approaches and skills enable us to value assets through discounted cash flow supported by SCED, production simulation, resource adequacy assessments, and similar evaluations. Alternatively, through available market intelligence, comps to prior transactions can be used to assess the value of an asset. We have successfully advised asset owners as to the potential value of their assets, potential target counterparties, and potential deal structures that may result in high value. Our breadth of valuation capabilities provides you with a strong set of data to make clear choices for your assets.

Merger & Acquisition Support

Our highly experienced consultants have supported mergers and acquisitions, either through supporting the parties to the merger & acquisition (M&A) or supporting interveners to the M&A. We have performed independent transmission consulting for portfolios of assets for M&A. Our consultants have reviewed market power testimony and provided other expert witness services. Our consultants have also been heavily involved in settlement negotiations.

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