Regulatory Matters

State and Local Regulatory Support

Many states have Certificate of Need processes, IRP processes, ratemaking proceedings, and similar. We have successfully advised our clients through these challenging processes and look forward to advising you.

Expert Witness

We have consultants who have been called upon as expert witnesses on a variety of subjects, including M&A support, transmission unbundling support, transmission rates, FERC Seven Factor and Mansfield evaluations, transmission losses, FERC notice of proposed rulemakings, state IRP and Certificate of Need proceedings, and contract disputes. Our expert witnesses have the requisite blend of analytical ability, attention to detail, and communication skills to successfully fulfil that role.

Business Rules and Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) Support

Business Rules and OATTs are difficult and complicated, both within and outside of ISOs. We are experts in the processes and can help advise you, whether it be gaining an understanding of the rules, understanding the impacts of the rules to your business, or developing strategies and tactics to enable your business to thrive within the rules.

Impacts of New Regulations and Market Rules

We have advised our clients and nimbly performed analyses and assessments of new market rules and new regulations in real time with their passage. Some examples of this include the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act, potential carbon regulations, and changes to interconnection rules. Through our agility, in-depth expertise and high proficiency in power system and market analytics, we can help you evaluate the impacts of changes to your business as they are happening.

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