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Integrated Power System Planning

In today’s electric utility landscape, resource planning, transmission planning, and distribution planning have become increasingly intertwined and mutually interdependent. This interdependency is heightened by locational dependence of wind resources and land requirements of solar resources. We help our clients with holistic approaches to develop highly effective plans for the continued evolution of the power system to continue providing affordable, reliable and clean power to customers.

Integrated Resource Planning

IRPs have a dual role of being integral to a utility’s strategic plan and influencing stakeholders and, frequently, regulators to understand and support the merits of the resulting plan. We provide benefits in support of both of those purposes—by applying insightful analytical techniques, staying on top of the most reasonable and accepted data sources and assumptions, and communicating methodology and results in a clear fashion. In addition, our team has the requisite experience and knowledge base to lead this process from start to finish.

Transmission Planning

Strong systems thinking capabilities enables deep understanding about how power systems work. We can quickly develop highly effective solutions, approaches and concepts that can be put to the test through power system analytical tools such as power flow and SCED.

Decision Support

We see to the heart of matters and can quickly discern which issues are most important to your decision-making process. We have the analytical approaches and tools, as well as deep experience in power industry planning, finance, and operations, to help you examine the ramifications of your decisions.

Strategic Planning

We have deep insights into the power industry, electric power infrastructure, electric power market design and tariffs, regulation of the industry, and the business models of our clients. These deep insights enable constructive and productive facilitation of strategy development and implementation.

Clean Energy Strategy

Electric utilities and state and local governments are increasingly developing plans and evaluations to understand how best to achieve large reductions in their carbon footprint toward 100% clean energy, and the costs of doing so. These efforts are immensely complex given the number of options to evaluate, uncertainty in costs and impacts, and the interdependency of aspects of the affected systems. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to guide this process and keep your staff and stakeholders engaged along the way.

Screening Assessments

Agility requires fast action and reduction in wasted effort. Efficient action requires quick and high-level vetting of ideas. We provide services to help conceptually vet ideas and provide insight as to their merit through screening services like resource siting assessments to evaluate transmission congestion and constraints, and high-level business analytics.

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