Procurement, Contracts & Joint Arrangements

Power Supply Procurement

We help utilities conduct Requests for Proposals (RFPs) processes to meet their strategic resource needs, including developing the RFP, evaluating proposals, and negotiating terms to offtake agreements. We have done so for both individual utilities and for purposes of joint procurement via joint action agencies or generation and transmission cooperatives. We can help you develop favorable terms for your power purchases or sales.

Joint Ownership Support

There are many advantages to collaboration through joint ownership of assets, including but not limited to economies of scale, sharing risk, sharing benefits, fulfilling different tranches of financing new projects, and more. We help clients think through the pros and cons of joint ownership and develop favorable terms for win-win solutions, and we can do the same for you.

Settlement Negotiations

Most disputes, whether they be contract disputes, merger & acquisition intervention, or transmission rate disputes, are settled. We have successfully helped our clients negotiate favorable settlement terms. We can help you achieve fair and equitable results.

Operating Agreement Support

We can help you negotiate the terms of operating agreements for your assets. Whether it’s operating agreements for jointly owned assets, outsourcing operations of wholly owned assets, or a network operating agreement for network integrated transmission service, we have the industry experience to help you operate efficiently and effectively.

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