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Chris DeRidder Bio

Mr. DeRidder has assisted renewable energy industry clients with market risk assessment, transmission congestion risk analysis, energy price forecasting, and power purchase agreement reviews. Mr. DeRidder has performed long-term production cost simulation models and Security Constrained Economics Dispatch (SCED) models. Mr. DeRidder has managed and performed numerous Security Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) assessments for a wide range of renewable generation projects for asset owners, prospective buyers and financial lenders. The SCED analysis was used to evaluate transmission impacts for future transmission planning, power price forecasting for market projections and future revenue, congestion analysis between generating sources and load resources. Mr. DeRidder also quantified curtailment risk for future generation projects. The SCED analysis help estimate Locational Marginal Pricing basis differentials between project nodes and market hubs representing congestion risk and understand the impact of current and future transmission upgrades and generator additions on the project nodes and revenue projections for the generating unit. Mr. DeRidder began his professional career with Sargent & Lundy as a transmission line engineer in Chicago, Illinois. At Sargent & Lundy, Mr. DeRidder led and contributed in the design of multiple high voltage transmission line design projects for multiple utilities around the nation. Mr. DeRidder has a bachelor’s in science from Michigan State University. Mr. DeRidder currently has his Professional Engineering license in several states.