John F. Painter
John F. Painter Bio

Mr. Painter has assisted many electric power industry clients with wholesale and retail utility cost of service, cost allocation and rate design; planning, financing, valuing, acquiring, divesting, purchasing, selling, and integrating power supply and demand-side assets, transactions, and portfolios; negotiating and administering related contracts; corporate strategic planning and merger analyses; and related regulatory, arbitration, and litigation proceedings. Mr. Painter has extensive experience evaluating nuclear, coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, renewable, and alternative energy resources.

Mr. Painter is particularly adept at communicating results to public, management, and governing groups in a manner that enables appropriate action by decision-makers. He has significant experience in facilitating meetings of groups that include individuals with diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and interests. He is an excellent witness experienced in providing live and written testimony in several forums and otherwise supporting major litigation efforts.

Mr. Painter has served in several corporate management and leadership positions, which enhances his ability to work effectively with client management and governing bodies. Mr. Painter was a partner and then stockholder in R. W. Beck, Inc., a highly regarded, international engineering and management consulting firm of approximately 500 professionals, purchased by SAIC in 2009. His association with R. W. Beck spanned more than 22 years from early 1980 through late 2002. Over that period, Mr. Painter advanced from an entry level engineer to the position of Executive Engineering Consultant and was elected to multiple terms on R. W. Beck’s Board of Directors.