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Pallavi Borah Bio

Ms. Borah has over 15 years of experience in energy market fundamentals, with a focus on electricity price forecasting and asset valuation built through combined industry and energy consulting experience. Her experience includes economic and financial analytics supporting the valuation and integration of generating resources given the changing market dynamics related to fuel prices, emissions regulations, renewable energy standards, energy and capacity market structures, ancillary service markets and transmission issues.

She has led and managed several studies associated with fundamental economic assessment of the US power markets, energy asset project valuations and hedge evaluations and has provided strategic and transactional support to energy companies, including project developers, utilities, and lenders. She has extensive experience with the development and utilization of long term production cost simulation models and Security Constrained Economic Dispatch models. Ms. Borah has developed long term power market outlook for various power markets and conducted economic dispatch analysis to provide market projections for future revenue, dispatch and margin estimates to support the valuation of power generating assets. She is experienced in renewable energy issues and have led studies to understand the impact of environmental regulations on generating assets economics.

Prior to joining nFront Consulting LLC, Ms. Borah was a Senior Project Manager with Leidos Engineering.