Patty Cruz
Patty Cruz Bio

Ms. Cruz has over 20 years in the energy industry with a specialty in utility organizational effectiveness. She helps clients achieve higher levels of performance and business transformation by evaluating each organization’s: alignment with its strategic plan, leadership, corporate structure and culture. She works with utilities to define their strategic direction and implements action plans to achieve their purpose or vision.

Ms. Cruz also works with utility executives to enhance leadership skills and develop teams to: lead the organization through workforce issues, face industry challenges, conduct process redesign efforts to adapt to new technologies, and develop effective internal and external communication strategies.

She assists in due diligence assessments associated with financings or equity investments in power resource and electric transmission projects.

Ms. Cruz is fluent in both English and Spanish and has participated as a client interface, facilitator, and translator on multiple domestic and international Spanish language assignments. She is regularly invited to speak at state and national industry conferences on topics related to her expertise.